Micro Insurance
Micro Finance

Credit Life Insurance

Insure against death of borrowing clients. The Total outstanding balance on the loan is covered due to Death and Total Permanent Disability (Illness and Accidents). Premium ranges from 0.7% - 1% for 1 to 12 Months and 1.5% for 13 to 24 Months. Last Expense (Amabugo / Amaziika) of 300,000 and/or 200,000 to the spouse

COOPERATOR’S COVER…“insurance solution for co-operators”

Cover Specification
60,000 Per member per year.
  • Ugx 1,000,000 following death of the policy holder
  • Ugx 1,000,000 following total permanent disability of the policy holder
  • Ugx 100,000 as hospitalization ollowing occurrence of an accident.
  • Maximum of Ugx 100,000 payable in the event of loss of standard wallet contents i.e National ID, Passport, Driving Licence and ATM Cards)

Group Last Expense

  • This is a group cover. From as low as 2000/= per month. The Benefit is life cover on death as shown below;
    • Main 500,000
    • Spouse 250,000
    • Children (up to 4) 200,000