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It takes more than simple finance to run a strong stable cooperative. In addition to UCCFS’s variety of financial products, our members are able to benefit from the many non-financial services we offer. Members can improve their governance and create sustainable business strategies with the help of our experienced staff and network of international and national partners who help us deliver these services.


  • We provide onsite and offsite consultancy to members on request by our members.
  • We offer technical support and back stopping to both management and leadership cooperatives.


  • We develop relevant programmes that address issues related to the management of cooperatives in Uganda. Our training programmes usually target a cooperative’s management staff, leaders and general membership.
  • UCCFS uses the approach of adult learning that is suitable to most of our members’ needs.


  • UCCFS facilitates its member cooperatives to conduct risk mapping and profiling in their respective cooperatives.
  • UCCFS established that cooperatives are exposed to a number of risks that need to identified and dealt with for smooth operations.


  • UCCFS prepares various model policies for cooperatives. They are availed to member cooperatives for adoption at a fee. We also offer back stopping at request when cooperatives are adopting them.
  • Some of the polices include; credit policies, operations, accounting and finance, board manuals, gender, HIV and AIDS etc


  • UCCFS is apt in mainstreaming issues on Youth, Gender, HIV/AIDS and Environment and climate change in all services offered.
  • UCCFS is able to offer workshops or help to cooperatives to help them incorporate the above issues in their policies and operations.